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National Standard GB12005.9-92
PAMN, made of acrylamide by homopolymerization, has high purity, low ionization degree, good performance and wide application.
Main Applications:

  1. It is mainly used as basic material of MPAMs, such as APAM. Different brands of PAMNs can be used as basic materials and made by hydrolysis according to use, and Mannich PAMC is the foremost basic material.
  2. Textile industry additive: When added with other chemicals, it can be prepared into chemical size to size textiles, and improve adhesiveness, permeability and desizing performance, makes textiles have anti-static property, and reduces sizing percentage and starch lump, end breakage rate of cloth machine and falling objects.
  3. It can be used as sewage treatment agent, when sewage is acidic suspension, PAMN is most suitable to be used as flocculant, at the time, PAM plays the role of adsorption bridging, making suspended particles generate flocculent settling and achieving the aim of purifying water. It also can make watering treatment, has no toxicity, and has the best water treatment effect when matching with inorganic flocculant.
  4. 9.5 portions of PAMN and 0.5 portion of NN- methene bisacrylamide after dissolution can be used as chemical grouting of water plugging of dams, foundation and tunnels.
  5. Film made by dissolving PAMN into 0.3% concentration, adding cross linking agent, sprinkling it on the desert, and solidifying, can prevent and stabilize sand, and is a good method for controlling desert.
  6. PAMN has good hygroscopicity and can maintain moisture of soil, and using PAMN is a good means to improve soil in arid areas.
  7. It can be used as profile adjusting water plugging agent of oil field when matching with lignocellulose and adding chemical additive.
  8. It can be used for building trade, building glue, interior wall coating, etc.





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