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PAM-CA is hydrolyzed and copolymerized by ethernamine, vinyl cationic monomer and acrylamide monomer. By infrared spectroscopic analysis, the product’s link has carboxyl negative charge after acrylamide hydrolysis, and vinyl positive charge. Therefore, it forms zwitterion irregular polymer whose molecular chain has positive charge and negative charge. 
Main Applications:
• Profile Adjusting and Water Plugging Agent: By oil field experiment, the performance of the new zwitter-ion profile adjusting and water plugging agent is higher than that of other profile adjusting and water plugging agents with single ion characteristic.
• The Latest Water Treatment Agent: When treating sewage and watering in many occasions, matched use of APAM and PAMC can generate obvious synergistic effect than single use of one ionic PAM. PAM-CA has higher capacity of reducing surface tension than the same condition when cation or anion exists singly, so APAM and PAMC are used at the same time to reduce surface tension, but in incorrect use of both, white precipitate will generate, the both cannot be used. PAM-CA has the characteristic of zwitterion, can finish synergistic effect of cation and anion, and generate no precipitate, with better effect on water with complex quality situation and changeable properties when used as water treatment flocculant.
• Dewatering Agent: Because the property of urban sewage discharge is more and more complex, dewatering agent has higher requirement in sewage treatment, and single PAMC cannot adapt to partial sludge dewatering. Therefore, our company developed PAM—CA zwitter-ionic dewatering agent aiming at the situation, and by dehydration test and use of sludge, the dewatering agent is superior to PAM with single ion characteristic. It has better effect when dewatering sludge of refineries and chemical plants.
• It has better effect than PAM with single characteristic when used as paper chemicals in papermaking industry. Particularly, it can improve filtration speed under net and reduce loss of fiberfill, with better effect on wet part system in distilling and filtration assistance, and can promote and compensate smoothness, strength and difference between two sides of finished paper.





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